Website FAQs...

Do you have questions? Great! I  have some answers for you. Check out my FAQs and see if I can put your mind at ease when it comes to web design.

I love this question! Let me ask you this – do you remember when people used to ask "Do you have a website?" Well, in this day and age people just assume that you do and instead ask, "What is your website address?"

Having a web presence has morphed from a nice thing to have, to a necessity. Truth is, most people don't use the Yellow Pages anymore. When they want information or to find a business they are looking up the information using online search engines. With that being said the question should really be, “Do I want to miss out on business?”

It depends heavily on how customized you would like the site as well as how much content you want to start with. I understand the struggle that most small businesses face and I’m all over saving you money when and if I can. For that reason, if you want to do the majority of the grunt work, go for it! I will gladly work with you to design a website that makes you happy and that you can afford!

Excellent question! If you are asking the question you are already more savvy than you think! In a nutshell, you have three main costs associated with building a website:

  • The domain registration – which is your;
  • The hosting platform – which is essentially rent for the computer space where your website sits; and
  • The design – which includes the initial cost of building the site as well as any costs for changes in the future.

The good news for you is that I walk you through all three of those services!

Congratulations on taking your first step! To start the process there are several things that I will discuss with you during your initial consultation as described in The Web Design Process, but basically it comes down to four things – we plan it, I build it, you share it, and we update it. Plus, I will walk you through each step of the process to keep it as stress-free as I can for you!