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Responsive Web Design

Web Services...

Diving into the World Wide Web can be quite unsettling for even the most savvy web surfer. The good news is I can help you with your web content and design so you are riding the wave instead of getting caught up in the rip tide!

Web Content/SEO

Is your text clear and concise? Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world if people don’t understand your message on the very first page, they will leave your site without giving you another chance to capture their business. This is so important that I will work with you one-on-one so that we create text and content that will have the most impact on your current and future clients.

In addition, your site not only needs to communicate your message, but it also needs to communicate effectively with search engine spiders so that they can place you at the top of your relative keyword phrases. This gets you more traffic, more eyeballs, more business!

Web Design

Let me make you look unbelievable on the web! The best compliment that I can get is when my clients get excited before I’m even finished because they can’t wait to launch their website.

You already know how important first impressions are, and if your website doesn’t look professional, it will say the same thing about your business. I love working with small businesses and I can work with you to design a website based on your needs and still have the room to grow with you as your business grows.

I can offer all the expertise you will need to get your website up and running in one place. You won’t be left on your own to find a hosting company, content writer, photographer, graphic designer, coach, and angry birds (okay, maybe you could do without the angry birds) because I can help you with it all.

Best of all, I won’t leave you in the World Wide Web dust once it settles! I will continue to work with you in order to help you with updates, creating new content, and expanding your site as you grow and change.

Still have questions? Perfect, I did too! That’s why I created a Website FAQ page to help address some of your concerns and answer those burning questions you have about web design.

Content Writing Services

Writing Services...

First impressions count! I know that you want to put your best foot forward – not only for your business, but for your own pride in what you do. Let me assist you when it comes to getting your point across in a clear, simple and error-free way. I offer a variety of writing services that are suited for business and non-profit alike.


Articles are likely the best way to generate powerful and valuable exposure and credibility for your business. However, article writing is an effort and time intensive task. I have the experience you need when it comes to creating content which speaks your audience's language while engaging them and helping them connect with you. From short pieces of 500 words or less to in-depth feature articles containing thousands of words, I can write high-quality articles for your website or publications.

Press Releases

If you don't know how to write a press release — or simply don't have enough hours in the day to fit press release writing into your schedule, let me help! Let's face it, you likely know your topic best, but I can take the writing task off your plate by translating your expertise, raw thoughts and data into media-ready releases.


Do you need some assistance putting together policy and procedure manuals, operating or maintenance instruction, plans or employee handbooks? Let me design an informational product that produces clear and concise manuals and handbooks for your staff, users and clients.

Web Content

Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type of content. I can write website content that will attract and retain your web users as well as give you the Search Engine Optimization ammunition you need to fight the ranking wars.

Editing Services

Editing Serivces...

Whether you simply need a quick polish to your blog posts, articles or eBooks or if you have a much more hands-on editing project I can help you shape your piece into a professional and high-quality masterpiece.

Truth be told, it is notoriously difficult to spot mistakes or weak points in your own writing. This is simply because your brain sees what you know it should say rather than what it does say. I will read your text with a fresh eye and with your reader/customer in mind. But my services go beyond proofreading and copy-editing. I will also check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors not picked up by a standard spell check on your computer. I will check the structure, consistency and style of your text. I will make sure that what you have written is suitable for your audience.

I likely don’t know what you know. While you are great at what you do, words may not be your strongest skill. Both proofreading and copy-editing, when done properly, are skilled tasks which require time, experience and concentrated effort. I can do the job quickly and efficiently.

I have experience in editing services and specialize in correcting documents. I am also happy to insert suggestions and write minor text as appropriate. In addition, I am capable of taking your concepts and turning them into well-written text that both demonstrates your professionalism and entices readers.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services...

In today’s competitive world, high-quality marketing gets your product noticed out of the clutter of similar services and products. Let me help you with your marketing needs by designing professional, direct and focused marketing materials for your business.


Brochures are an important marketing material for many companies. Brochure designs tell your story to your potential customers. Whether you use them to create a business profile, or provide information about a product / service, your story needs to be interesting, compelling and visually appealing. Let me create a well-designed and professional-looking brochure for you – that you can afford!

Business Cards

A great business card can be your most effective marketing tool. Let’s face it, today’s professionals are overwhelmed with emails and requests. Your business card can be your personalized creative reminder. A creative card portrays more than just your name and phone number, it is also portrays your personality and helps you stand above the rest. Let me help you make your card and business stand out.


As you may know flyers are the key to any public event. Flyers have a unique way of putting you and your business in control of showing people how fun your event will be and who will be present.

Let’s face it - people don’t want to see a white piece of paper with any old black font on it. Instead they want an exciting, eye-popping invitation that compels them to attend your event. Flyers today have many uses ranging from hard copy to creative visual attractions when you use social media like, Facebook and Twitter.