People will stare. Make it worth their while.

About Me...

Resumes are…well, boring! They don’t really tell you about me and what makes me tick. Instead, I’d rather tell you about me and about how I became a freelance writer and web designer.

Jennifer and her horse Maddy

I enjoy people and I love to write. In a nutshell, that should tell you a whole lot about me and my personality. Lucky for me, the combination of the two has given me an edge in the industry. Why? First, I’m outgoing enough to ask all kinds of questions in order to find out what you want and what will best suit your needs. Second, I love to learn which means that I am lucky enough to never get bored doing my job!

Where most people cringe inwardly at the thought of a having to write a report or create technical content, I excel. You see, I’ve been writing and creating content since I could wield a pencil. In fact, I believe that any piece of work is worthy of perfection.

While I have published numerous articles, written a book and designed several websites, my official freelance career was launched in a rather odd way. I say that because a ‘freelancer’ is somebody who is self-employed and gets paid for their work. But much like how everything else has occurred in my life, my ‘freelance’ career started by doing a large amount of non-profit work for free. They say do what you love and in my case this has ultimately led to project after project based on one simple advertising feat – word-of-mouth!

Today I happily manage a variety of websites, regularly edit numerous projects, write articles, play ghostwriter and provide consulting services. I live in the Pacific Northwest, have a crazy busy life, and still make time to volunteer hundreds of hours to a local non-profit equine organization, to ride my own rescued horse, Maddy, and of course hike as much as possible with my pup.

I consider myself to be a truly versatile writer. I have always gone the extra mile when it comes to creating the perfect literary masterpiece and my enthusiasm in doing so can be quite contagious!